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Zero Waste shopping: with your own containers …

Go shopping with no waste everywhere: at the supermarket, at the pack-free corner shop, at the market
Go shopping in bulk everywhere: at the supermarket, the pack-free corner shop, at the market – with the containID registration system this is convenient and very easy.

What is containID?

containID is a container identification system that makes unpacked shopping for loose goods super easy and feasible everywhere. It stores the properties of customer-owned containers via short-range radio (NFC up to 5 cm away) in a passive chip that is integrated in the container sticker.

Participating merchants can read out these packaging properties during the payment process. They know how much the empty container weighs and can automatically deduct its tare (packaging weight) during checkout.

The containID concept can be applied not only in retail, but everywhere where goods, food, meals or beverages are filled into containers brought along or reusable or deposit containers in order to avoid packaging waste – i.e. also in all forms of gastronomy for take-away, meals on wheels, company canteens or drinks to go.

containID ® is patent-protected and completely independent. It is not bound to retail chains, product providers, authorities, organisations, software manufacturers or any other parties.

Avoid packaging waste, shop with your own containers
containID declares war on packaging waste and supports purchasing with your own containers.

Does containID also work at a supermarket?

Of course it does! This is one of the reasons why it was created… 🙂 In Zero Waste bulk stores the temporary data storage of the goods trade number in the containID container label enables simple and secure shopping without littering.

Even with small quantities of food at service counters – e.g. at fish, meat, cheese or bakery product stands – packaging-free shopping is easy as pie. The seller totals the individual items under a virtual goods code and associates this with the containID of the customer packaging.

Unpackaged goods are coupled via the electronic shelf label (ESL) with the registered container for shopping in the packaging-free supermarket.
The electronic price tag / shelf label (ESL, containID– compatible) at the goods dispenser writes the EAN number of the loose goods into the NFC-chip of the sticker on the customer’s container. The cash register recognises your container by the containID tag and can also read out which goods it contains. Now all you have to do is weigh and pay.

Depending on the information available on packaging and goods in the containID-label, the cashier has several options for checking the plausibility of container and content.

Infos for the checkout:Zero Waste shopping
After reading the containID label and weighing the filled container, the information on packaging and goods is displayed on the cash register screen. If everything is correct, the process is confirmed with OK.

How do I register my packaging?

At a containID partner (green symbol) your packaging is recorded (weight, material, appearance), you receive the containID sticker (also called containID tag) and stick it firmly on your container. The NFC chip of the sticker is password-protected and stores the characteristics of the container (e.g. empty weight, tare). These container characteristics can be read by means of an NFC reader.

You only need to weigh your container once. Afterwards you can fill loose, bulk goods into your packaging at all containID– users for an unlimited time and directly proceed to checkout.

The containID– sticker applies only to the container registered on it. It is not transferable and has a predetermined breaking point that makes it unusable if removed by force.

This is how unpackaged shopping works: Weigh your own packaging, container, can, bottle, vessel, register it, stick the containID stickers on your own containers - ready for shopping without waste everywhere.
This is how the registration of your own packaging works: Weigh, confirm, stick the containID sticker firmly onto the container – that’s it.

What data is stored in the containID– label and what happens to it?

Only packaging and goods-related data, but no personal data, can be stored in the containID sticker of the customer container. This data only exists locally in the NFC chip of the container and nowhere else – neither on the internet, the cloud nor in any other computer system. They cannot be used or changed by third parties.

The containID chip stores the weight, the material, the manufacturer and the appearance of the packaging as well as – only for the time until payment for the contained goods – the linked goods ID (EAN). This data can only be retrieved by the seller from whom you are currently shopping with your packaging. The link to the goods is automatically deleted from the container chip when the payment process is completed. The container is then free for refilling.

With a containID mobile phone app and an NFC-enabled mobile phone, certain data can be read from the container’s NFC chip. For example, you as the container owner can check whether the tare weight stored in the containID sticker is correct or who the manufacturer of the container was – in case you need a new supply of it.

containID owl sits relaxed on a branch and points OK with its wing for privacy.
Shopping with your own, centrally registered packaging: simple, safe, environmentally friendly.

How much does it cost to participate in the no waste shopping system?

A containID– packaging sticker will cost two Euros – it is not a throwaway product. The label is made of waterproof plastic, has an integrated passive short-range radio chip (NFC) and will withstand 500 washings in the dishwasher. It sticks super firmly to almost all clean, grease-free surfaces such as glass, porcelain, earthenware, metal and plastic.

… and, by the way, the containID system working in the background, which brings together dealers, technology suppliers, container manufacturers and customers, has to be paid for somehow. 🙂

How do I join in as salesman?

If you as a salesperson want to offer bulk goods and the full service (with registration of the vessels) to your customers, become a containID partner (green sign).

Participating merchants with the violet symbol can read the containID information but cannot register vessels.

As soon as the testing phase of our new packaging-free retail concept with our founding project partners is completed, every retailer can register here and off you go – completely unpackaged.

door sign no waste store
containID – Participant: This merchant can read the containID, but cannot register vessels.
door sign containID Zero Waste shopping
containID – Partner: If this sign is found on the shop, you can register and purchase with your own packaging there.

An unwrapped owl?

What does a cute owl, barely three quarters of a year old, have to do with shopping or packaging? Well, at first glance, maybe not so much. 🙂

Owls are cool fellows. They do their daily work completely unexcited and unnoticed by most people. They do not push themselves into the foreground and do not take part in model competitions.

Owls are clever, calm and act consistently based on knowledge and experience. They are aware that a healthy environment is also best for themselves. That is why they do not spray pesticides or insecticides, eat organically and do not pack their food in waste. 😉

In contrast to the nocturnal fluttermen, our new concept for supporting pack-less shopping works during shop opening hours – but just as unpretentiously, relaxed and efficiently in the background as owls love it.

The cute containID owl loves unpackaged shopping - without packaging waste - at the weekly market, the corner shop and the supermarket.
Owls also fly at our ideas for purchasing with their own, centrally recorded vessels.